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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place my order online?


YES! We are now offering online ordering.

When can I order meals for the week?


Menus are posted every Sunday at 2pm for the following week.

What is the deadline for ordering?

Orders need to be placed by Thursday at NOON for the following week.

I missed the deadline! Can I still order?


Got busy and forgot? It happens. Call or email us. Let's see what we can do.

Can you explain the serving sizes?


Absolutely. Our entrees come in SMALL and LARGE.

A SMALL is a 10 inch round pan and is 4 servings.

A LARGE is a 9x13 pan and 8 servings.


Our goal is to adhere to the general FDA guidance on food labeling and serving size.
Please ensure that you select the right amount of servings given the quantity of servings your family will be eating per meal!

How does delivery work?

We do weekly deliveries on Wednesday. You will receive a notification of your delivery window and confirmation of delivery. Your package should arrive before 5pm.

NOTE: Customers are responsible for their orders upon delivery. Serve It Up Nashville is not liable for orders left unsecure or in inclimate temperatures.


Do you deliver to my location?

Add your address at checkout to verify that you are in our delivery area. If you get a notice that you are outside our current delivery area, please email us and we'll see if we can add your location. 

Can I pick my order up?


Stay Tuned! We're looking into that option!

I have an allergy. Can you accommodate that?


Let us know in the special notes and we will make every effort to ensure that request. If we are unable to provide that, we will find another dish that fits your needs. 

NOTE: While we strive to keep our kitchen free of common food allergy items, we CANNOT guarantee the absence of any cross contamination in our kitchen. If you have any life threatening food allergies we CANNOT serve your family and need to be notified immediately.

Can I make substitutions or special requests?


Allergies? Picky eater? Send us your special requests in the special notes section when ordering. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you have Gluten Free options?


We do offer a variety of gluten free meals. They are marked with a yellow GF icon.

Also, many of our entrees can be made gluten free. Click on the item to see if it's a 

GF option. Still not sure? Send us an email.

NOTE: We are NOT a Gluten Free kitchen nor can we guarantee the absence of any cross contamination in our kitchen. If you have any life threatening food allergies we CANNOT serve your family and need to be notified immediately. 

Wait a minute! What happened to the old options and bundles?


Don't worry! We still offer the same great dishes you love, we just simplified the ordering process to give you more variety and value! Just pick your complete meals and choose the size you want this week. We have even included a loaf of bread in all traditional meat and vegetable orders.

If you would like to continue ordering individual items, we have added all your options in the a la carte section of the menu!

Can you tell me about the bags?


If you are a new client in January 2019 we will provide you a bag with your first order!

Just rinse and leave out for us to pickup on delivery day. We will pick up during your next order. Additional bags are $5 a piece.

Should I leave a cooler out?


While our bags and cooler packs should keep your food at a safe temperature for up to 4 hours, they do not protect from extended periods in the heat, hungry neighbors, or our little wildlife friends. Feel free to leave out a medium size cooler with ice packs and we can drop the delivery inside.

Can I place an order for another person or family?


Sure! Just let us know in the shipping section and give us the name, location, and contact information. 

HELP! I came home and my food isn't here? What do I do?


Call us ASAP! (629) 203-0455. We will track down your order/delivery and ensure you get the meals you ordered, even if we have to jump in the car and drive straight to you! 

How do I reheat my food?


Every entree comes labeled for heating and / or cooking instructions. Also, we have labeled the entrees that freeze well (look for the Freezer Friendly comment on container). For best results, allow to thaw in refrigerator prior to cooking. *Ensure food is heated according to instructions and FDA recommended temps.

Wait, aren't you a catering company? Do you cater?


Did you recently attend an event we catered? We do cater events in the area if we have the availability. If you'd like us to cater an event, please call or email us.

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