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How it Works!

Life is Complicated.  Ordering Dinner is Easy.

Tell Us About Your Family

Small, Y'all!
4 Servings

Select Small Option

Full House
8 Servings

Select Large Option

Our goal is to adhere to the general FDA guidance on food labeling and serving size.
Please ensure that you select the right amount of servings given the quantity of servings your family will be eating per meal!

Make Your Meal Selections

We offer a weekly rotation of delicious home-style selections the whole family will love!

Simply click your meals, make any substitutions, choose your add on's, and order.

Or choose from our a la carte section!

Placing Your Order

1. Hand pick your dinners from a variety of home-style dishes.  (or select a la carte options).

2. Choose Small (2-4 servings) or Large (5-8 servings)

3. Choose any add-ons (including soups, salads, and deli style selections).

4. Enter your address for front door delivery.


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